Obligations of the Reviewer

Volunteering to Review
for the InSITE Conference

Thank you for volunteering to review for the InSITE Conference.  Before signing up, please make sure that you understand the obligation that we ask of you.  We need to ask this because in the past some colleagues sign up as a reviewer and fail to complete their professional obligations as a reviewer.

  1. Reviewers need to provide mentoring feedback to the authors of the paper you review.  We expect and require that you provide one or more pages of constructive feedback to the author, regardless of whether or not you recommend acceptance of the paper.  Are you willing to do a thorough job as a mentoring reviewer?  If not, do not sign up as a reviewer.
  2. Reviewers need to review three papers during December and the first week of January.  Will you have time and availability during this holiday time? If not, do not sign up as a reviewer.)
  3. Some or all papers will not be in your exact field of expertise since this is a transdisciplinary conference! If you are unable to ascertain the correctness of the technical details, we need you to provide feedback on aspects you can comment upon (such as readability and development) and note that you are not commenting on other aspects (such as mathematics or literature review). Will you provide whatever feedback you can if you receive a paper outside your field of specialty?  If you are unwilling to look at papers outside your specific research area, please do not sign up.
  4. Have you already signed up as a reviewer? Please do not sign up again unless you want to review more than 3 papers in December.  Below  is a list of people who have already signed up to review for the conference.

If you are still willing to serve the important role as InSITE Conference reviewer, Thank You!  Please visit http://review.InSITE.nu, click on Reviewer Sign Up and enter
as the keycode.  This will take you to a form that collects your preferences and particulars.

Current List of Reviewers

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